WordPress Upgrade

I’ve just upgraded this log to WordPress 1.5. A nice, painless upgrade. The new default theme is slick too, although I’m not using it. I’m not sure I really needed any of the new features, but I do like that the version number is larger.

For the moment, I seem to have broken comments. Hopefully I’ll have them back soon.

The Logs, They Are A-Moving

Over the past month or so, mterry.name has seen some changes: the WebMake system has been replaced by PHP, the look and feel has been updated, and WordPress has taken residence. Personally, I’m very pleased with the change — WebMake was nice, but PHP is sexier and cleaner.

I highly recommend WordPress as an attractive, easy-to-use web logging platform. I have just begun to experiment with it; hopefully this log will flesh out a bit. My old web log at Advogato is officially deprecated, and all the entries there now live here as well. Today marks the launch of my on-site log.

14 Feb 2004


Well, I’ve scaled down my designs for 2.0 a bit. It’s basically just a port to GTK+ 2.4 at this point. The OO-ifying will come later down the 2.x branch.


I went ahead and got myself my own personal website. It’s fun to have a domain that you control yourself. I ended up using a mom and pop hosting company based in California. Dirt cheap and enough for my simple needs right now.

Crystal Chronicles

I’ve also been playing a bit of Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles. A great game if you have friends; not a very good single player game, though. I highly recommend it. The gaming industry has been short on cooperative multiplayer games for a while.

17 Jan 2004

OK. First attempt at any sort of blog.

On a lark, I signed up for a Jabber account (mterry@jabber.org) the other day. I must say that the idea of an open standard, decentralized, extensible IM protocol gets me excited. If it ever gains mainstream acceptance, I will be simultaneously shocked and pleased.

I’ve been looking into getting a personal domain name for all my self-promoting needs. It seems the .name tld is the place for this; I just wish I had a steady income to pay for hosting (note — will code for food).

Here’s an unethical, but money-saving idea: go to your local library, borrow several music CDs, and rip them. Genius! For your ripping pleasure, might I suggest Sound Juicer? I have been using it for a couple weeks and I must say I am impressed. The only problems I’ve had are MusicBrainz‘s database errors. Combined with Rhythmbox, I am in music-heaven.