New Music Sources

This past year, I’ve realized I like finding new music more than I previously realized. I figure it might be interesting to share my own sources for new music and maybe receive some good recommendations from others.

Boing Boing

They only sometimes cover music, but that just means that when they do, it’s usually a notable song.

The Hairpin

This is actually a women’s interest blog. But they have good taste, so I generally like any featured music.

Refinery 29

This is a San Francisco fashion, entertainment, and shopping blog. They post a lot about non-music issues, so I recommend filtering by “This is our Jam”, which is the phrase they use when highlighting a new song.

This Is My Jam

Speaking of which, the site “This Is My Jam” is a neat social media music-sharing site. You point it at a song that you’re into right now (say, on Youtube) and it will add that song to your friends’ feeds. After a week it goes away, and you pick a new jam. I’m user “mterry” on it!

The recommendations here are pretty hit or miss, because people tend to post songs that are interesting to them, not necessarily songs that are likely to be interesting to others. But it’s a lot more personal than the other sites for sure.

Lower Frequencies

An actual, honest-to-goodness music recommendation blog. Daily updates and sometimes a link to the mp3 is provided too. They tend to feature more mellow works.

Reddit: r/ListenToThis

This is a subreddit for music recommendations from fellow redditors. In truth, I haven’t found it to be super useful, but it is eclectic. Lower Frequencies puts all their songs here too.

blocSonic netBlocs

This one isn’t a music recommendation blog, but rather a site that puts out regular compilations of interesting free web music. Quite variable quality but with a good mix of genres. I’ve found some gems here.

Rub Radio

This is a monthly collection of 15 to 20 hip hop songs. Worth the listen.

Best of Bootie

Again, this one isn’t a blog, but rather a yearly collection of the best mashups featured in the weekly San Francisco mashup club event Bootie. If mashups are interesting to you, these are worth downloading.

Radio Paradise

This is my go-to Internet radio station. You can play it right from your browser or they have links to play from your media player.

Lady Gaga Needs to Wise Up

So I get why no one told Lady Gaga before the video for “Telephone” came out, because naturally, no one wanted to prevent that work of art from seeing daylight. Now that it’s been out for a while, I think it’s finally safe to tell her.

OMG, your phone has a silence mode. Also an off button!

Dominick the Donkey

Man, I hate this song. The radio station that kicks in when the morning alarm trips has a habit of playing it.

I thought it was a new thing that the radio station invented, it was so god-awful. Something they came up with on a shoe-string budget. Something crafted to grab your attention long enough for you to reach the radio, but that would cut out right before you could reach the power button.

Then I heard it in a store. Looking it up on Wikipedia suggests that it’s been around since 1960, and that Rachael Ray put it on her Christmas album (natch). Sigh.

Choose Your Own Rap


As you enter the classroom, you sit next to your visibly-excited friend Kanye. Immediately, he says, “I met this great girl at a beauty salon the other day. Now I ain’t sayin’ she a gold digger, but let’s just say I’ve never seen her with a broke nigger.

“Once, she got liposuction with her child support money. And she’s always dropping bling like Louis Vuitton bags. She takes my money when I’m in need, but I still love her.

“Have you heard anything about the rumors that she used to fuck Busta or Usher?”

If you tell Kanye she’s a gold digger, turn to page [23].
If you tell Kanye she’s not a gold digger, turn to page [12].

Tiny Dancer?

Man, oh, man. I just found out that in John Elton’s song “Tiny Dancer,” the line “Hold me closer, I’m tired of dancing” is actually “Hold me closer, tiny dancer.”

I like my version better.

Apparently, Phoebe from Friends thought it was “Hold me closer, Tony Danza.” Also good.

Stepchild Ground Pound

This is just foundation work for any future insanity pleas I want to cop. You know the song “You Spin Me Round?” For some reason, my mind always turns the lyrics:

You spin me right round, baby
Right round like a record, baby
Right round round round


You spin me right round, baby
Right round like a red-headed
Stepchild ground pound

Which is only really intelligible if you know some odd references (Beavis and Butthead and recent Mario games), let alone mean anything. I only find it notable because it is so consistent. I can’t even think the correct lyrics straight.