Internet Radio And Me

Ordering music discs from libraries is great and all, but only if you know exactly what you want. It is not easy to browse or preview items. This is where Internet radio has some good synergy. I feel it is wise to listen to something other than my personal music collection from time to time; wise in the same way that inbreeding is not. I note the songs I like and see if any libraries have them.

I’ve found that Radio Paradise is a great resource for discovering songs or bands I like.

Libraries Are Cool

Back when I started this blog, I noted that your local library is a great resource for ripping music. I have now one-upped myself by not only using my local library, but requesting that other libraries ship their music to mine. In Massachusetts, we have this system called C/W MARS that lets libraries know about each other’s inventory. Conveniently, it also allows patrons of one library to request that an item from another be transported, at tax-payer expense, to them.

Using this excellent system just to request music discs makes me feel vaguely guilty. I think I might slip some books on curing cancer into the mix.

Grumpy Old Man Time

What is the deal with popular songs, huh? I vaguely remember when verses weren’t considered so quaint. Now, I know that misunderstood lyrics plague fans the world over. Maybe artists have decided to fight back by focusing their songs, composing them entirely of choruses. This way, a confused listener will have the benefit of hearing the song repeated 12 times.

Listening to “One Thing” by Finger Eleven made me yell.

17 Jan 2004

OK. First attempt at any sort of blog.

On a lark, I signed up for a Jabber account ( the other day. I must say that the idea of an open standard, decentralized, extensible IM protocol gets me excited. If it ever gains mainstream acceptance, I will be simultaneously shocked and pleased.

I’ve been looking into getting a personal domain name for all my self-promoting needs. It seems the .name tld is the place for this; I just wish I had a steady income to pay for hosting (note — will code for food).

Here’s an unethical, but money-saving idea: go to your local library, borrow several music CDs, and rip them. Genius! For your ripping pleasure, might I suggest Sound Juicer? I have been using it for a couple weeks and I must say I am impressed. The only problems I’ve had are MusicBrainz‘s database errors. Combined with Rhythmbox, I am in music-heaven.